artwork by Ohne Titel. Ceramic INTRO artwork by Ohne Titel. Ceramic NEWS Through multiple procedures and the conceptual methodologies of contemporary art, I collect items that persist my reality. The interest consists in interrogating substances and to expose a relation to the world.

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artwork by Ohne Titel. Fata Morgana from the series I dream in colours. Piece of abstract colourful painting on canvas. Process involving layers of painting, dripping and incisions. Paint artwork by Ohne Titel Drawing artwork by Ohne Titel. One too many.. Pictures are works of conceptual and abstract art on paper Collage artwork by Ohne Titel. Cogitatio Meum from the series Ideam Schematic. Conceptual art. Draft of an idea. Blackboard with words Things in my head

artwork by Ohne Titel. Videos from the series stepping the world Videos artwork by Ohne Titel. Las Garzas is a site specific installation made from plastic bottles and sand from beaches of Uruguay Installations artwork by Ohne Titel. Extract of Memory prints series. work on silk More artwork by Ohne Titel. Little spots, from the series Family Puzzled, is an abstract black and white piece on retrieved wooden puzzle Mixed media

SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS artwork by Ohne Titel. Ceramic artwork by Ohne Titel. Ceramic BIO artwork by Ohne Titel. Ceramic SELECTED GROUP EXHITIONS artwork by Ohne Titel. Ceramic 2009… Atelier Los Carpinteros. Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba.
2007… La Curtiduria, Demian Flores’ artist residency. Oaxaca, Mexico.

2017… « Zeitgeist » project for the BienalSur, 1ra Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo de America del Sur.
2011 – 2012… « The (S) Files », Museo del Barrio Biennale. New York, US.
2016… « Nunca olvidare lo que no recuerdo » Galeria Nora Fisch. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2015… « Mapas » Centro Cultural Recoleta. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2014… « Pinturas » AlRio. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2008… « Al fondo a la derecha » C.Cultural Borges. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2005… « Corporel » Paris Jeune Talent, France.
2004… « Captures » Argentine Embassy, Paris, France.
ARTIST RESIDENCIES BIENNALES 2019… Campo Artfest, “Cogitatio Meum” proposal, Pueblo Garzon, Uruguay.
2019… Olivier Malingue, “L’empreinte”, London, England.
2019… Argentine Embassy, “25 ans d’art”, Paris, France.
2018… Artfest, Pueblo Garzon, Uruguay.
2018… M. Cattelan Eternity project, “Perishable” tombstone, Art Basel Cities Buenos Aires.
2016… Xippas Gallery, “MIX”, Punta del Este, Uruguay.
2013… QPark, Cavendish Square, “Big Deal N0 5”, London, England.
2009… Flowers East Gallery, “Something I don’t do”, London, England.
2009… UNA Project. “Synaesthesia”, Video Installation. Basel, Switzerland.
2006… 51th Montrouge Contemporary Art, Montrouge, France.
2006… Argentine Embassy, “Dix ans d’art”, Paris, France.
2005… Fondation de France, Fondation Taylor, Paris, France.
2005… 50th Montrouge Contemporary Art, Montrouge, France.
2004… Hypegallery, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France.
2004… Artistes Indépendants, 115th Fair, Paris, France.
2003… The Button Club, Mayfair, London, England.