Slide artwork by Ohne Titel. Ceramic INTRO artwork by Ohne Titel. Ceramic NEWS Through multiple procedures and the conceptual methodologies of contemporary art, I collect items that persist my reality. The interest consists in interrogating substances and to expose a relation to the world.

When a new show, project, announcement occurs.. you’ll find more about it here; along with previous noteworthy events

2017 ... Zeitgeist Project
2016 ... Nunca olvidaré lo que no recuerdo

Slide artwork by Ohne Titel. Fata Morgana from the series I dream in colours. Piece of abstract colourful painting on canvas. Process involving layers of painting, dripping and incisions. Paint artwork by Ohne Titel Drawing artwork by Ohne Titel. One too many.. Pictures are works of conceptual and abstract art on paper Collage artwork by Ohne Titel. Cogitatio Meum from the series Ideam Schematic. Conceptual art. Draft of an idea. Blackboard with words