Zeitgeist project for BienalSUR by Ohne Titel

ZEITGEIST [ September – December 2017 ]

Zeitgeist project for BienalSUR was an attempt to democratize the Arts

To give everyone the chance to own an authentic artwork

Zeitgeist is a German word that englobes a concept meaning: the spirit of the time.

Arts has never been so freely available to everyone before. Thanks to the internet; music, literature, films, everything is at our fingertips. Yet, fine arts still seem very traditional and elitist compared to its artistic relatives. The art world/market revolves almost exclusively around the ‘most educated’ and wealthiest. Prices are often outrageous, and the possibility to acquire art is completely out of reach for most people.

Zeitgeist project attempted to signal these distribution incongruities enmeshed within the art world while spreading acts of altruism.

In the context of the first BienalSUR [ from September to December 2017 ] 90 artworks – one per day – were proposed through daily challenges posted on Instagram (image-based social media platform). The guidelines changed daily and focused on promoting altruism along with showing a real interest in each peculiar artwork.

Artwork by Ohne Titel

Zeitgeist made use of social media exposure to reach a public without any sort of charge or intermediation. The proposed artworks were carefully selected from by Ohne Titel’s complete production when BienalSUR started. Going from 2003 until her latest 2017 creations. This artistic output was a representative sample of every period and series she has ever made, in order to show how diverse and multifaceted someone’s practice can be, but also to emphasize that there was no discrimination regarding which series and artworks were presented.

In retrospective, the project and Instagram account were barely communicated nor diffused, which failed to reach a real target. However, there were some cases when people truly committed. Thus 36 individuals were able to happily take an original artwork home.

Artwork by Ohne Titel